Prison Chaplain - Role in Ministry

Prison Chaplain - Role in Ministry

Inmates - Prison Chaplain - Role in Ministry

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The Chaplain provides a vital part of the whole process within the law enforcement community. The traditional goal of the prison Chaplain is to supply Pastoral care to the inmate. The Chaplain becomes pastor to the inmates as well as their instructor in spiritual matters.

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This foremost aspect incorporates areas of spiritual, moral and emotional improvement for the incarcerated.

Achievement in these areas will help to insure the future success of offender as a productive member of the community at large. The Chaplain must join these tools for convert into the programs inaugurated. He will supply allinclusive services to all inmates in the discrete facilities assigned to him within its parameters of security

In the capacity of pastor the Chaplain will supply and often conduct
Chapel Worship services for the inmates. Depending on the whole of Chaplains at a premise this will mean providing services for all faiths.

The Chaplain is also responsible to supply religious Instruction, for the inmates. This may be done straight through quarterly Bible Studies, or doctrinal classes. This is sometimes closed straight through organized discipleship groups among the inmates themselves.

The role of pastor often is extended to families of inmates and prison staff. This may involve counseling, and study in moral and spiritual improvement that will invent an environment for rebuilding the family upon release of the prisoner.

There will be time when the Chaplain is called on to contact
friends or relatives. These incidents may involve hardship cases, illness, legal and financial needs, or the death of an inmate.

Counseling Prisoners will take on many facets. It is therefore foremost that the prison chaplain have an comprehension of the inmates, themselves as well as their felt needs.

1. Attending Court hearings and trials

2. Conferring and consulting with prison officials

3. Assisting prisoners find jobs, housing, and community hold upon release

The Chaplain may be asked to supply these same services to, prison staff, group officials, and others within the community. He may be asked to work with the local church to supply ministry hold straight through prayer, volunteers and finances.

The Chaplain often becomes a group Relations Representative to the community in profit of the prison

o To Coordinate Volunteer Services

The religious volunteer becomes an postponement of the chaplain in ministering to the needs of the inmate. This mission, like that of the church includes regeneration, spiritual medical and development. Volunteers need to be integrated into the total objective of religious programming of the custom and not just a patchwork of superimposed programs to fill agenda needs or slots and keep inmates occupied. Training phases are usually sequential and required. Avoid conflicts with training phases and training objectives, scheduled. Recognize the religious doctrine of the chaplain training staff

In order to be more productive in ministering to the prison community we should strengthen our comprehension of the correctional process.

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