Female Masturbation Stories - The Weird and the astonishing

Female Masturbation Stories - The Weird and the astonishing

Female - Female Masturbation Stories - The Weird and the astonishing

Good afternoon. Now, I found out about Female - Female Masturbation Stories - The Weird and the astonishing. Which could be very helpful if you ask me and also you.

As a sex therapist, I hear female masturbation stories every day. Some are amazing and can be used to enlighten others about the joys of solo sex. Other are, well, let us just say a miniature odd...

What I said. It just isn't the actual final outcome that the actual about Female. You see this article for facts about anyone need to know is Female.


Wonderful Female Masturbation Stories

I love hearing that women enjoy their masturbation practices. I believe that it is empowering for a woman to know her own body well sufficient to please herself - without any guilt attached.

This reminds me of one of my female clients who uses masturbation not only to satisfy her own needs on a quarterly basis, but also to turn on her partner, who loves watching. When female masturbation becomes a salutary part of foreplay, both parties are happy! An extra bonus is that her partner gains intimate knowledge of exactly what kind of touch turns her on the most.

In the same vein, another client keeps herself - and her husband - happy by sharing her solo sex experiences with him on webcam when he works away from home. It is a way for them to stay sexually associated and complete and she reports that it strengthens their marriage no end.

It is also great to hear that a lot of particular women allow themselves the pleasure of solo sex rather than following the one-night-stand route when sexual pressure builds. Masturbation then becomes a safe and salutary way outlet for sexual needs. This is not to say that a vibrator can ever be a satisfying substitute for sexual play with an intimate partner in the long run, but it sure beats jumping into bed with man who will not remember your name in the morning.

When it comes to good solo sex, it is foremost to recognize that there is no ideal when, where or how. Masturbation becomes amazing when it works for the private woman. It also helps to be assured of privacy, to use the power of sexual fantasies, and to be in touch with your own body.

Weird Female Masturbation Stories

Leaning towards the weird end of masturbation practices are those women who prefer to pleasure themselves in group settings. For example, one of my clients, a high-powered female executive, tells me that she masturbates under the table while enterprise meetings. Other women enjoy solo sex in movie theatres, restaurants, group restrooms, or even under a towel on the beach.

I also have clients who need a very exact stimulus for sexual arousal and gratification. This can be a inevitable colour, such as the woman who only ever reaches orgasm when she is wearing something red. another woman tells me that the smell of lavender is an important stimulant before she would even think of indulging in solo sex. Weird? Well, not quite as odd as the woman who, in solo sex as much as partner sex, needs to be dressed up as a pony, perfect with actual tack.

There is also the housewife who turns herself into a superhero for her solo sex escapades. Her masturbation practices take the power of sexual fantasy to a whole other level.

Female masturbation is generally a salutary component of private sexuality - as long as solo sex practices remain legal and safe.

I hope you obtain new knowledge about Female. Where you possibly can put to use in your everyday life. And most importantly, your reaction is passed about Female. Read more.. Female Masturbation Stories - The Weird and the astonishing.


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